Monday, December 25, 2017

Arthur's Perfect Christmas

Arthur's Perfect Christmas. Marc Brown. 2000. 48 pages. [Source: Bought]

First sentence: It was three days before Christmas, and Arthur wanted everything to be just right. There would be lots of snow...the perfect tree...and a delicious turkey dinner.

Premise/plot: This picture book is an adaptation of the Arthur Christmas special, Arthur's Perfect Christmas. Arthur wants a PERFECTLY perfect Christmas. D.W. wants one thing and only one thing: Tina the Talking Tabby. Muffy wants many, many, many things. Francine just wants to be heard--for a change. Baxter, well, he wants to RELAX.

My thoughts: The special features a LOT of music. That is something that can't really be conveyed through a picture book adaptation. The book does include many scenes from the special, but it is a bit more concise in terms of story. It is a WORDY book. Though the special can be enjoyed by young ones, the book may be a bit too much to read aloud in one sitting. I'm wondering if it might not have been better as a chapter book.

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