Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Pirate of Kindergarten

The Pirate of Kindergarten. George Ella Lyon. 2010. June 2010. Simon & Schuster. 40 pages.

Ginny loved Reading Circle.
Getting there was hard, though, with all those chairs.
She knew only half of them were real, but which ones?
She always ran into some. Someone always laughed.

Don't expect a pirate adventure. The Pirate of Kindergarten is about a little girl, Ginny, who has double vision. But it isn't until her vision is tested--at school--that she learns just why she has so much trouble seeing things clearly and correctly. The end result is that Ginny starts wearing an eye patch and her vision problems are corrected.

The book is based on the author's own experiences. And it's a good story--very heartfelt.

© Becky Laney of Young Readers

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  1. Thank you, Becky, for finding my book and writing about it!

    All best,

    George Ella Lyon