Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fame and Glory in Freedom, Georgia

Fame and Glory in Freedom, Georgia. Barbara O'Connor. 2003. FSG. 112 pages.

Harlem Tate hadn't been in Freedom, Georgia, more than three days before it was clear that nobody wanted anything to do with him. Nobody except me, that is. I had a burning desire to be his friend.

Bird has two main goals--to be noticed by her hometown of Freedom, Georgia, and to go to Disney World. Neither goal seems likely at the start of Barbara O'Connor's delightful Fame and Glory in Freedom, Georgia. What Bird needs even more than a trip to Disney World is a friend--a good friend, a best friend. Because she's a lonely girl. Her best hope for a friend seems to be the new kid, Harlem, a kid the others in her class dismiss almost immediately. But how can she "get" him to be her friend?

What brings these two together--in the end--is a spelling bee! What can Bird and Harlem learn from one another?

I really, really liked this one. I just love Barbara O'Connor. I do. She has a gift with creating characters that I can love and understand. (My favorite books so far being Greetings From Nowhere and The Small Adventure Of Popeye and Elvis.) I would definitely recommend this one!

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