Thursday, May 20, 2010

Maisy's Book of Things That Go

Maisy's Book of Things That Go. Lucy Cousins. 2010. May 2010. Candlewick Press. 16 pages.

Maisy loves to travel. She enjoys walking, but there are also many other ways to get around.

I may not be the biggest fan of Maisy. (Though she is cute enough in her own plotless way.) But I do enjoy a good interactive book. And this one has tabs to pull and wheels to spin. This book is all about transportation. Maisy is a mouse on the go! What types of transportation are explored within its pages? Walking, Bicycle, Sailboat, Trolley, Train, Hot-Air Balloon, and Rocket. (Not that all of those forms of transportation are useful or practical to your average preschooler.) Still, even if your little one can't actually travel by rocket ship, I suppose it is fun to pretend now and then!

This one is "A Maisy First Science Book." Readers learn the "science" behind transportation. For example, with the bicycle, we read "Maisy pedals, and the wheels go round and around. That's what makes Maisy's bicycle go."

I did enjoy this one because of the way it could be manipulated. I liked making the train puff smoke and seeing the piston (and wheel) go round and round and round. Same with the bicycle. It was just fun to see Maisy pedal.

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