Wednesday, June 23, 2021

66. The Mugged Pug

The Mugged Pug (Jack Russell Dog Detective #3) Darrel and Sally Odgers. 2007. 76 pages. [Source: Review copy]

First sentence: Sarge and I were about to go for our Saturday walk when the terrier-phone rang.

Premise/plot: There's a thief in Doggeroo! Someone is STEALING dog collars. Can Jack (and his friends) solve the mystery? It might take a few nose maps and interviews, but Jack is one determined dog!

My thoughts: I really am enjoying my reread through this series. I definitely recommend the series as a whole. And I think each book could potentially stand alone. I don't think you'd have to read the books in series order to enjoy. This could be quite helpful in a classroom library!

So Jack, our narrator, is just as delightful as ever. The Jack-Facts and glossary remain some of my favorite things about the series.

Jack Facts:

  • My collar is old and comfortable. It has my name on it. It smells like me. My collar is perfect. It is mine. This is a fact. (4)
  • When you have been badly treated you have to show it. If you don't show the way you feel, no one will be sorry for you. This is a fact. (12)


  • Yip-notize: To hynotize, as practiced by a terrior.
  • Appaws. Cheering and paw-prancing to praise a clever act.


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