Tuesday, June 22, 2021

65. The Phantom Mudder

The Phantom Mudder. (Jack Russell Dog Detective #2) Darrel and Sally Odgers. 2006. 76 pages. [Source: Review copy]

First sentence: One wet Friday, Sarge told me about the Doggeroo Dog Show.

Premise/plot: Jack Russell, our hero dog-detective, returns for his second adventure in The Phantom Mudder. Once again we have a mystery to solve. The action occurs at a local dog show. SOMEONE--the Phantom Mudder--is muddying ALL the dogs before the show. Can Jack Russell push past the smell of soap, soap, and more soap and find out WHO is determined to ruin the dog show?

My thoughts: I really loved this one. I think I do love it more than the first book actually. Jack is as adorable a narrator as ever. And the mystery seems more solid in my opinion. Once again Jack is sharing his Jack Facts and his glossary.

Jack's Facts

  • Dogs understand what humans say. Humans think they understand what dogs say. Therefore dogs are smarter than humans. This is a fact. (2)
  • A Jack Russell may be sweet. A Jack Russell may be little. A Jack Russell is never a "sweet little doggie." This is a fact. (18)
  • Dogs don't do anything if there's nothing in it for them. People sometimes do. That makes dogs smarter than people. This is a fact. (34)

Jack's Glossary

  • Daching. The way dachshunds move about.
  • Skulldoggery. Wicked goings on that concern dogs.
  • Bathwater. One of the worst swear words I know.


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