Monday, May 17, 2021

51. Cookies: Bite Size Life Lessons

Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons. Amy Krouse Rosenthal. Illustrated by Jane Dyer. 2006. 40 pages. [Source: Review copy?]

First sentence: Cooperate means, How about you add the chips while I stir?

Premise/plot: Amy Krouse Rosenthal defines words (mainly virtues though not always) using cookies as illustrations. Each definition offers a 'bite-size' life lesson.

  • Respect means offering the very first cookie to your grandmother.
  • Trustworthy means If you ask me to hold your cookie until you come back, when you come back, I will still be holding your cookie.
  • Greedy means taking all the cookies for myself. 
  • Generous means offering some to others.

Sometimes the definitions involve dialogue. But she doesn't use quotation marks to mark it as such. She uses a different font--a cursive one.

Her book features human characters and animal characters. They seem to be very interchangeable.

My thoughts: I first read this one in October 2006. I did review it in 2006 on Becky's Book Reviews back when I didn't use book titles as post titles. I titled this one Can A Cookie Be a Teacher?

I loved it then. I loved it now. I think the definitions still ring true. The illustrations are still super-cute bordering on precious. There are other books in this cookies series. I'm not sure I'll be revisiting all of them. But I'll try to review more of her books if I can find them.

I honestly don't remember--the book was published in 2006--if I bought this book because I loved it so much or if it was a review copy. My memory is not that good!

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