Wednesday, March 25, 2020

44. Casebook of a Private Cat's Eye

Casebook of a Private Cat's Eye. Mary Stolz. Illustrated by Pamela R. Levy. 1999. 128 pages. [Source: Library] [animal fantasy; mystery; children's book]

First sentence: My office, which I opened early in this year of 1912, is in an old West End brownstone, a block from the boardinghouse where I room.

Premise/plot: Eileen O’Kelly, our heroine, is a private detective writing up her cases. This delightful children’s book—an animal fantasy historical mystery chapter book—is a treat. Some cases are solved within a chapter. Others are ongoing investigations that span multiple chapters. Her work introduces her to many interesting folk.

My thoughts: I absolutely love, love, love, crazy love this one! It was a joy to spend time with the characters. Eileen is such a great heroine. The ending was the best; it made me giddy. The illustrations are just as charming as the text.

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