Friday, March 13, 2020

39. Ducks

Ducks! Deborah Underwood. Illustrated by T.L. McBeth. 2020. 40 pages. [Source: Library] [picture book]

First sentence: Ducks!

Premise/plot: This is the story of a distracted duck that loses his family. (He’s distracted by a butterfly). Will this duck find his family? How will he find his family? Will it end in a delightful duck reunion?

My thoughts: I love, love, love this delightfully simple picture book by Deborah Underwood. It’s told in few words, but it doesn’t lack story. The story is familiar and universal. Who cannot relate to this cute, adorable duck?! The story is largely told through the illustrations by T.L. McBeth.

Text: 5/5
Total: 10/10

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