Monday, March 9, 2020

35. Snack Attack

Snack Attack. Terry Border. 2019. 32 pages. [Source: Library] [Picture book; humor]

irst sentence: One afternoon, a cheese doodle, a pretzel stick, and a cookie all escaped from their packages, even though they had been warned about the outside world.

Premise/plot: Three friends fight to stay alive in Terry Border’s Snack Attack. Any minute now a monster will appear on the scene: a HUNGRY Monster who has his Monster-Mom’s blessing to eat...a snack before dinner. That puts our three friends (and presumably their families) in grave danger. Can they outsmart the system and break the cycle that is the food chain?!

My thoughts: This creative picture book shines when it comes to offering a new, unique, point of view. Plenty of books about snacking, sneaking snacks, etc. But relatively few solely from the perspective of the about to be eaten snack. How would a cookie, a chip, a pretzel view the world? What would it be like to be a snack? Largely this is answered through the illustrations. Yes, the text provides clues and moments of delight. But, the illustrations are what makes this one worth reading. They draw you in, in, in.

I could see teachers using this one in the classroom when talking about writing and storytelling, point of view, etc. I think this could inspire some kid-written spinoffs.


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