Wednesday, March 18, 2020

41. The Explorer on Barkham Street

The Explorer of Barkham Street. Mary Stolz. 1985. 179 pages. [Source: Library] [j realistic fiction; realistic fiction; friendship; school]

First sentence: Martin Hastings trudged home through the cold early dark laying plans for the future.

Premise/plot: This one sees Martin Hastings making friends and having adventures. Some adventures are in his imagination. He’s fascinated with reading about polar explorers. Other adventures happen in his neighborhood. Martin becomes a responsible babysitter. He is actually really good at it. The adventures are ordinary, but for Martin who has never had friends, never hung out with friends, they are extraordinary.

My thoughts: I enjoyed this one. I absolutely loved seeing Martin as a babysitter. I loved him flaws and all as he continues to grow as a human being. He is on the way to becoming quite an extraordinary human being. Sensitive, self-aware, observant, thoughtful, kind. 

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