Friday, February 21, 2020

28. Cowboy Small

Cowboy Small. (Mr. Small #7) Lois Lenski. 1949. 56 pages. [Source: Library] [picture book]

First sentence: “Hi, there!” calls Cowboy Small.

Premise/plot: Cowboy Small is a picture book originally published in 1949. This simple book for new, young readers follows Cowboy Small over a few days and night. What does a cowboy do? How does he dress? What does he eat? Where does he sleep?

My thoughts: Context is key. When this one was published westerns were super popular in books (especially for older readers), on the radio, at the movies, and soon to be television. I can imagine little boys reading this in the 1950s and really enjoying it. It is written and illustrated by Lois Lenski an author I typically associate with children’s novels like Strawberry Girl.


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