Wednesday, February 19, 2020

26. The Little Fire Engine

The Little Fire Engine. (Mr. Small #6) Lois Lenski. 1946. 56 pages. [Source: Library] [picture book]

First sentence: Fireman Small has a little fire engine.

Premise/plot: There is a fire in town! Fireman Small and the other firemen rush to the scene. Can this house be saved?!

My thoughts: What a mess of a book. While the other books offer some seemingly real information that seems legitimate, this one tells you how not to fight a fire, how not to react to your house catching on fire. The sad thing? You can’t tell if Lenski meant this book to be so ridiculous?!

For example, this family goes in and out of their house bringing out furniture and possessions. But they only bother rescuing two out of their three children. Did they not do a head count? Was she the middle child? Is she not their own child but a visiting friend? Perhaps this thoughtlessness could be excused if they weren’t intent on bringing out all their stuff. If they had escaped the flames and were standing on the side pleading save my child!!! But no. They seem unaware there is even a third child. Another example is that within two minutes of the fire being put out, he tells them they can move everything back in.

Total: 4/10

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