Tuesday, February 18, 2020

25. My Father's Words

My Father's Words. Patricia MacLachlan. 2018. 112 pages. [Source: Library] [coming of age; middle grade; children's book; realistic fiction; animals]

First sentence: My father, Declan O’Brien, beloved shrink to many people, sings as he makes omelets for our breakfast.

Premise/plot: Fiona and Finn are devastated by their father’s death. This early chapter book focuses on the healing and grieving process. One way both mend is by giving their time, attention, and love to shelter dogs.

My thoughts: I would recommend this one to anyone and everyone who loves dogs. I can’t imagine an animal lover not loving this one. It is sad, but not despairing. It has just the right amount of hope. The process can’t be rushed. The mom, Fiona, and Finn—all three grieve in their own way at their own pace. They experience the loss differently in terms of expression. They support one another.

My mom read it first. She loved, loved, loved it. I definitely loved it too.

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