Friday, November 15, 2019

Henry's Awful Mistake

Henry's Awful Mistake. Robert M. Quackenbush. 1981/2019. 48 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: Henry the Duck invited his friend Clara over for supper. All day he chopped, stewed, and stirred to make a fine meal. Just as he was about done, he saw an ant in his kitchen.

Premise/plot: What will Henry do when he sees an ant in the kitchen?! Can readers predict what will happen next as Henry faces down his nemesis?! Maybe. Maybe not. But chances off it will keep readers smiling.

My thoughts: I loved, loved, loved this one. I did. I could so relate to Henry and his predicament. I have felt just like Henry—in over my head. When you’re in situations like this, it is anything but funny. But afterwards, well, you just have to laugh and laugh hard. I laughed with this one. Then I shared it with my mom. I would love to share it with my dad too. No matter how young or old, this book might lead to a grin or two.

Text: 5/5
Illustrations: 5/5
Total: 10/10

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