Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Knights vs. Monsters

Knights vs. Monsters. Matt Phelan. 2019. 176 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: Something lurked in the mist. Something large. Something nasty. Four knights and one young girl stumbled half blind on the dark, misty moor as well.

Premise/plot: Knights vs. Monsters is the sequel to Knights vs. Dinosaurs. Sir Erec, Sir Bors, Sir Hector, the Black Knight, and Archer Mel (formerly Squire Mel) are back for another adventure. This time the adventure that happens is not the work of Merlin, a friend, but the work of an enemy to Arthur's court. Their adventure begins when they board a mystery ship...a ship that takes them to Scotland to face off with an evil, manipulative queen (Morgause). 

 My thoughts: I enjoyed this one. I liked the first book well enough, I did, but I enjoyed this one a bit more. Perhaps because it has more characters and is more rooted in King Arthur's time. Perhaps because I'm already familiar with the main characters. I would recommend both books to those who enjoy action and adventure mixed with a large dose of humor.

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