Friday, June 7, 2019

The Big Honey Hunt

The Big Honey Hunt. Stan Berenstain and Jan Berenstain. 1962. 72 pages. [Source: Own]

First sentence: We ate our honey. We ate a lot. Now we have no honey in our honey pot.

Premise/plot: When the Berenstain Bear family runs out of honey, what should they do? Well, if they listen to Mama Bear, they'd go to the store and buy some. But is Papa Bear likely to listen to his wife? He thinks the BEST honey to bring home is the kind that they hunt for themselves. So he takes his son along on a bee hunt. But can they find the right kind of tree?

My thoughts: This early reader is BELOVED. It wasn't that I loved, loved, loved the series in general. This was the first book in what would become a series. But it wasn't written--if Wikipedia is to be believed--with a series in mind, let alone a super-super-super long series. But there is just something DELIGHTFUL and FUN about the story. I think the rhythm and rhyme of this one helps make it memorable, quote worthy, a true classic.

I also LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this one because just like the bears in this story, I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED honey and often found we were running low on honey in our own honey pot. 

Favorite quotes:
Is that a bee?
He went, "Buzz! Buzz!"
He looks like a bee.
Why, yes!
He does.
Are you getting honey?
Are you getting a lot?
Will we take home honey
In our honey pot?
Well, it it looks just so.
And it feels just so.
Looks so. Feels so.
So it's SO!
When a bear is smart,
When a bear is clever,
He never gives up.
And I won't, ever!
The best sort of honey
Never comes from bees.
It comes from a store.
I would like some,

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