Monday, March 25, 2019

Board book: Marvel Alphablock

Marvel Alphablock: The Marvel Cinematic Universe from A to Z. Peskimo. 2019. [April] Harry Abrams. 106 pages. [Source: Review copy]

 First sentence: A is for Ant-man. B is for Black Panther. C is for Captain America. D is for Doctor Strange.

Premise/plot: Abrams has published some lovely block books in the past including: AlphaBlock, CountaBlock, BuildaBlock, CityBlock, and StarWarsBlock. Their newest stars Marvel characters. It is still an alphabet book. But it's a fun-and-clever alphabet book. I like turning the letter-shaped pages to reveal the story. I also like seeing the other characters featured throughout the book. (B isn't just for Black Panther...Bucky and Black Widow appear as well. G is for Gamora and Groot. Agent Carter can be spotted before Captain America as well.) The illustrations are packed with details from all the movies. The last spread has a list of all the characters featured throughout the book. There are fifty-four in all.

My thoughts: I really enjoyed this one. I did. I don't love, love, love, love all the Marvel films equally. I have my favorites. I, of course, have my favorite characters as well. There are some characters that I just love and adore. Reading this one makes me want to revisit some of the movies I haven't seen in a while.

The audience for this one is fans of ALL AGES. The Marvel movies are not particularly appropriate for young kids...especially preschoolers. When you see board books you almost naturally think toddlers or preschoolers. But if picture books can be for older readers, why not board books too? (Also, there is nothing inappropriate about sharing this one with little ones. They are just names.)

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