Sunday, August 20, 2017

Board book: Gossie & Friends Say Good Night

Gossie & Friends Say Goodnight. Olivier Dunrea. 2017. HMH. 18 pages. [Source: Review copy]

First sentence: Everyone on Old Farm is getting ready for bed. Everyone, except Ollie. "What are you doing, Gossie?" "I sip some water before going to bed," Gossie says.

Premise/plot: Ollie is the only one NOT getting ready for bed. Instead Ollie is visiting his friends one by one and asking them what they are doing. Each one responds in a typical way; that is each replies that he/she is doing something to prepare for going to bed. One by one Ollie says good night to each of his friends. By the end of the book, Ollie is at last ready for bed too.

What you should know about this one: a) it's a board book; b) it stars familiar characters from a series; c) it's a bedtime book; d) it's also a touch-and-feel book.

My thoughts: This one has a slow-moving plot. I think this was completely intentional. The back of the book says it's supposed to "lull" little ones to sleep. The problem with books with "lulling" potential is that parents may fall asleep even before their children do. I have read other books in the series--picture books--and they're not nearly this boring. That's why I think it is intentional. I think the touch and feel elements are okay, but, once again wish that those in power would realize that shiny is not a texture to be touched. Also why is BooBoo eating something that sticky?!

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