Monday, August 24, 2009

Who Made the World

Bostrom, Kathleen Long. 2009. Who Made The World. (Part of the Little Blessings series by Tyndale). Illustrated by Elena Kuchank.

Earlier in the year--way, way back in January--I reviewed Questions from Little Hearts, a four-in-one collection of stories by Kathleen Long Bostrom. (The book contains: What is God Like? What is Prayer? What About Heaven? and Are Angels Real?) This latest book is in a similar format.

1) a question-poem written from a child's perspective.
2) a small transition-type poem written from an adult perspective--something that points the child towards God
3) An answer-poem written from God's perspective
4) Bible references for parents and older children.

As you could easily guess, this one is all about creation. Here's how it starts off...

The world is so pretty!
There's so much to see.
A rainbow! A river!
A flower! A tree!

So who made the world?
God, I think it was you.
Did you have a helper?
If so, tell me who!

What was the first thing
you made, and the last?
Did you snap your fingers
to make it go fast?

Of course, that's only the beginning...

I really enjoy this series. And this one is no exception. While I don't love, love, love the illustrations--they're not bad by any means but they're not incredibly amazing either--I do love the text. I'm so happy to have discovered these books because I think they are great for Christian families.

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