Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Don't Want To Go To School

Blake, Stephanie. 2009. I Don't Want To Go To School. Random House. (Translated by Whitney Stahlberg)

This is a fun little book about going to school starring Simon the "Super" Rabbit.

There once was a mischievous little rabbit named Simon. With a big smile, his mother told him, "Tomorrow is your first day of school, my dear!"
Simon answered, "No way!"

Simon answers, "No way!" a lot throughout the book. He is one nervous rabbit. One of my favorite sequences is when Simon can't fall asleep that night. In a series of comic-strip-like illustrations, we see Simon alternates between being scared and not scared. But rather Simon likes it or not, the day comes and he's off to school...in spite of his continuing protests. Will Simon like school? Will he love learning new things? Meeting new people? Read and see for yourself in I Don't Want To Go To School!

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