Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Christian the Lion

Bourke, Anthony (Ace) and John Rendall. 2009. Christian the Lion. Henry Holt.

Chances are good that you've already met Christian the Lion via YouTube.

But you can get a more detailed look at the story by reading the book. Oh the photographs. If this story touched you at all, then you'll want to look at all the photographs. The book is written as if it's from Christian's perspective. That is the lion is given a voice. This is sometimes very cute. Where this works best is in the photographic captions. But in a way, it subtracts a tiny bit from this being genuine nonfiction.

John and Ace quickly became my friends. They visited me a lot when I lived at Harrods and spent a long time playing with me. When they asked if I'd like to live with them, I said, "Yes, please!" right away.
I liked this one and would definitely recommend it.

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