Friday, July 17, 2009

Jack Russell: Dog Detective: The Sausage Situation

Odgers, Darrel & Sally. 2007. The Sausage Situation. Kane/Miller. 80 pages.

If you like dogs and mysteries, then you should give Darrel & Sally Odgers' Dog Detective series a try. The Sausage Situation is part of that fun series, number six to be precise. (Though you can read the books in any order. You don't need to begin at book one.) This book, as you might have guessed, is all about sausages. Jack, our narrator, is good friends with the dog next door, Foxie. And one day these two smell out a sausage delivery. Foxie, of course, is thrilled. The van is stopped at his house, therefore the sausages must be his. From that moment on, those sausages are his--and he isn't planning on sharing. But is that really the case? What do you think! When those sausages (or some of those sausages) are passed along--brought to Dog and Sausage day...well, let's just say that what happens next is a comical adventure. It's not so much a mystery as the others. But it's cute in its own way.

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