Monday, July 20, 2009

Jack Russell: Dog Detective: The Buried Biscuits

Odgers, Darrel and Sally. 2008. The Buried Biscuits. 80 pages.

The Buried Biscuits is the seventh book in the Jack Russell: Dog Detective series by Darrel and Sally Odgers.
The Case of the Buried Biscuits began early one morning. First, there was the fight with Foxie. then there were the boys, and the burrows in the park. But I'd better start at the beginning.
Jack notices two boys behaving oddly one day. These boys, whom he calls Stick and Kick, are definitely acting suspiciously. Could they be related to the appearance of strange and "unspecial" biscuits (people cookies) that have been turning up in the neighborhood? It's up to Jack to solve the case.

My favorite thing about this one wasn't the case-solving. No, it was the big-reveal of Jill Russell's surprise.

Jack's Facts

Dogs wag tails.
Now and then, tails wag dogs.
This happens if a dog is especially pleased.
This is a fact. (63)

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