Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jack Russell: Dog Detective: The Awful Pawful

Odgers, Darrel & Sally. 2007. The Awful Pawful. Kane/Miller. 80 pages.

This is the fifth book in the Dog Detective series by Darrel & Sally Odgers. In this mystery-adventure, Jack is out to solve the case of "the awful pawful." Someone--or something--is making all the dogs in the neighborhood hide. It's very very strange. Why are there no dogs out and about in their yards? Where have all the dogs gone? What Jack finds is that some dogs are even hiding under their owner's beds. Afraid to go out of the house. Afraid "the Awful Pawful" will get them. What is this threat all about? That's what Jack wants to know. And since no other dogs are willing to act as bait, it's up to Jack to learn the answers the hard way.

Jack, as always, makes for a great narrator.
Jack's Facts

People think beds are for people to sleep in.
Dogs think beds are for dogs to hide under.
Dogs know better than people.
This is a fact. (18)

Jack's Facts

People don't speak Dog.
Dogs don't speak Person.
You don't have to speak the same
language to talk about dinner.
This is a fact. (8)

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