Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Binky The Space Cat

Spires, Ashley. 2009. Binky The Space Cat. (A Binky Adventure). Kids Can Press.

I loved, loved, loved this one. It's about a cat, Binky, who has just received his certification. He has become an official "space cat." I'd tell you more about what that means. But it is super-top-secret information. And I don't want to be scratched and hissed at. Curious? Read the book yourself!

While I can't tell you about the top-secret-purpose of space cats, I can tell you more about Binky. He lives with two humans--one big, one small. And he has an important job, one that involves protecting his humans.

Actually Binky hasn't ever been outside.
He lives here, in this space station,
Entirely surrounded by outer space.
That's why, until now, he has had to stay inside.
Outer space isn't safe for an ordinary cat.

But just because he's never been to outer space, doesn't mean Binky doesn't battle aliens on a regular basis. Some aliens are bold enough to come inside the space station. And when they do, (crunch, crunch) Binky takes care of it. Who are these aliens? Why aren't the humans aware that they're being invaded? Binky doesn't know why humans haven't been smart enough to figure out that bugs and aliens are the same thing. It was easy for him after all. He learned it when he was just a kitten.

Despite his young age,
He quickly realized...
That aliens...
He could tell they were aliens
Because they could fly.
Even kittens know
That only aliens
Can fly.

I found Binky The Space Cat to be funny and charming. I loved the illustrations and the text. Binky is a character that I just loved.

© Becky Laney of Young Readers

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