Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jack Russell: Dog Detective: The Kitnapped Creature

Odgers, Darrel and Sally. 2008. The Kitnapped Creature. Kane/Miller. 80 pages.

I loved, loved, loved The Kitnapped Creature. This one is the eighth in the Jack Russell: Dog Detective series.
It was past breakfast time, and my food bowl was empty. I was about to leap out of my basket and assess the situation when I remembered something pawfully important. I was sharing my basket with someone else.
This someone else is a puppy, Preacher. (His mom is Jill Russell).

I was doing what dogs do when I heard a squeak. Next came a whine. The whine quickly grew to a yelp, and then to a screech.
Preacher was awake.
That's my boy! I thought. I was as quiet as a Jack could be, but he detected the Jack-gap when I left the basket. I was proud of him.
I trotted back and stuck my nose under the blanket. The screeching stopped.
"You left me!" yipped Preacher
"I had to do what dogs do before breakfast," I explained. "You should do it too."
Preacher peered over the edge of the basket. "I can't get out."
"Of paws you can," I said.
"I can't. I can't I --"
I pushed my nose under his fat tummy and flipped him out of the basket.
"Come on," I said. "No puddles in bed."
Preacher picked himself up. "You flipped me."
I bustled Preacher down the steps. (2-3)
Preacher is a lot like Jack--though he's still got a LOT to learn about life. He makes nose maps just like Jack. Well not quite like Jack. Here's one of his nose maps:

Preacher's map:
1. Sleepy place.
2. Dad's toy.
3. Dad's eatie.
4. My eatie.
5. Ouchie-claw creature.
6. My chewie thing.
7. Snappy Snarly thing.

I was proud of him, but I had to explain that Jacks don't have toys. (7)
What case is Jack trying to solve this time round? Well, it involves a certain "ouchie-claw" creature. The 'awful pawful' creature is back only this time he (or is it a she?) is the victim. He's been kidnapped! Jack witnessed this himself. But can he get help (human help) in time to 'save' this unfriendly cat?

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