Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Finding Susie

O'Connor, Sandra Day. 2009. Finding Susie. Illustrated by Tom Pohrt. Random House.

Will Sandra ever find the perfect pet? Read and see in Finding Susie a picture book by Sandra Day O'Connor, former Supreme Court justice. Sandra lives on a cattle ranch in the desert. She's a girl who wants a pet, needs a pet. But after taking in a few wild animals without much success, at least long-term success, she doesn't seem to be having much luck finding that one special pet she can keep and love. That is until she meets Susie, a playful white dog who love Sandra's company as much as Sandra loves hers.

This one is a bit text-heavy for younger readers. But older children may enjoy reading about some of Sandra's more unusual pets. Though not every reader is likely to want all of her unusual pets. (I've NEVER had a desire to have a pet coyote or a pet bob cat!) I didn't love this one. It was a bit too wordy for me personally.

Sandra's summer began on a hot day beneath the pure, deep blue desert sky. She finished rereading her favorite book, and when she looked off in the distance, heat waves sparkled like ripples on a lake. Sandra loved living on the ranch, but now that school was over she would miss having other children to play with. "I wonder if this will be the year Mother and Dad will let me have a pet," she asked the sky. "Mother always says she will now allow an animal in the house. And Dad says I can just ride my horse. But it would be so nice to have a little pet to hold, to talk to, and to take care of."

But the universal longing for a pet is something that people can relate to. So there's that.

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