Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Day With Dad

Holmberg, Bo R. 2008. A Day With Dad. Illustrated by Eva Eriksson. Candlewick Press.

"Tim waits on the platform at the train station. He's just moved to this town. He lives here with his mom. His dad lives in another town. But today, Tim's dad is coming on the train. They are going to spend the whole day together--just Tim and Dad."

A Day With Dad is a sweet story of a father and son spending the day together. Now that he doesn't live with his dad anymore--Tim treasures every minute he has with his dad. His enthusiasm just shines through on this one in a really endearing way. Not a sickeningly sweet way. But in a heartfelt, authentic way. What do these two want to do together? Anything and everything! They share special treats, go to the movies, and so much more. I really enjoyed this one. And I love, love, love the illustrations.

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