Friday, June 26, 2009

Natalie & Naughtily

Kirsch, Vincent X. 2008. Natalie and Naughtily. Bloomsbury.

Natalie and Naughtily Nopps lived in a house on top of the greatest department store in the world. Did you notice that it is a department store with their name on it? Well, did you?

From the time they were born, Natalie did things one way and Naughtily did them another.
On rainy days, these two are allowed to play in the store. On sunny days, they wish it would rain. (They'd rather play in the store than on the beautiful roof-top garden.) This story takes place on a rainy day. The girls' parents have asked them not to play in the store. But the girls decide that they should ignore those instructions. They're not going to "play" in the store, they're going to help in the store. But how much can help can two small--and sometimes naughty, but always stubborn--children be? Read and see in Natalie and Naughtily.

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