Monday, April 13, 2009

Horrid Henry's Stinkbomb

Simon, Francesca. 2009. Horrid Henry's Stinkbomb. (Originally published in 2002 in UK).

If you're looking for funny chapter books to share with your kids, look no further than Horrid Henry. Each book contains four stories about Horrid Henry and his friends and family. (Featuring characters like Perfect Peter, Moody Margaret, Sour Susan, and Clever Clare.)

This chapter book includes these four stories: Horrid Henry Reads A Book, Horrid Henry's Stinkbomb, Horrid Henry's School Project, and Horrid Henry's Sleepover. My favorite from these four is Horrid Henry Reads A Book. Because as horrid as Henry is, he's clever and imaginative in how he goes about it!

Henry isn't perfect, he doesn't necessarily follow the rules, and he rarely minds authority, but he's just so likable.

I highly recommend this series of chapter books. I only wish I'd known of them sooner!

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