Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Horrid Henry Tricks the Tooth Fairy

Simon, Francesca. 2009. Horrid Henry Tricks the Tooth Fairy. (Originally published in the UK in 1997).

I've already mentioned how much I love Horrid Henry in my review of the chapter book, Horrid Henry, but let me just briefly restate how much I love this series by Francesca Simon. These books are funny--really funny--and just pure delight to read. It's easy to see how they could get kids excited about reading. (They'd also make great read-alouds, for these books are just as enjoyable if you're an adult!)

This chapter book includes four stories: Horrid Henry Tricks the Tooth Fairy, Horrid Henry's Wedding, Moody Margaret Moves In, Horrid Henry's New Teacher.

If I *had* to pick a favorite, I'd say that Moody Margaret Moves In is my favorite and my best. It had me laughing the hardest.

Horrid Henry seems a bit more horrid than usual as is revealed in Horrid Henry's Wedding and Horrid Henry's New Teacher. But even if he is a bit horrid, it's hard not to like him!

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