Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cranky Paws

Odgers, Darrel and Sally. 2009. Cranky Paws. Kane/Miller.

Cranky Paws is the first book in a new series of chapter books called Pet Vet. Despite the cat on the cover, the book is narrated by a dog, Trump, a Jack Russell terrier. Trump prides himself on being an Animal Liaison Officer, that is she helps out his vet owner, Dr. Jeanie, by helping translate between animal patients and humans. He's a fun little narrator. But her job isn't an easy one when it comes to helping one patient: Thomasina. Dubbed "Cranky Paws," this is one mean cat. Why is she so hostile to both other animals and humans? Can Trump reach Cranky Paws and show her that while some humans can be mean, others--most--are quite nice? This is a fun book sure to please animal lovers especially if there is an interest in growing up to be a vet. (Though the book works for anyone and everyone, you don't have to have a career ambition in mind to think this dog and his animal friends are fun.)

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  1. Thanks for the nice review, Becky! By the way, Trump is a female dog, not a male. She is named after a dog belonging to Parson Jack Russell, after whom the Jack Russell breed was named.

  2. Thanks for visiting. I'm honored you dropped by! And I've corrected the gender in my review! Thanks for letting me know I got it wrong. I'd always rather be corrected.