Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sword of the Ramurai

Ances, Becky. 2008. Oraculous Tales: Sword of the Ramurai. Illustrated by Ryan Wilson. 70 pages.

(You can read the first chapter online, here.) It features a unique and diverse cast of characters: Moo-Cow, Rhetorical, Ramses, F.W., Kiweenie, and Keby. These characters may already be familiar to you because they've been starring in the Moo-Cow Fan Club Magazine, and also had their own website/blog. What is this chapter book about? Time-traveling, story-loving friends who have an amazing adventure when they're transported back in time to Ancient Japan.

It all starts on a rainy day. (Some of the best books start out that way, don't you know!) This group of friends together hanging out--some are playing checkers, others are making cookies, but soon all come together because they want to hear a story...an exciting story as only their friend Rhetorical can tell it. But soon after Rhetorical begins his story, the group realizes that Rhetorical is gone--vanished--and soon after that they realize that they've been transported back in time. They're in Japan--ancient Japan! How are they going to get back home? Where did Rhetorical go? Can this group of friends survive long enough to find their friend and make their way back home?

It's a fun little book. And I'm happy to recommend it. You should also know that there are educational asides every now and then that act to inform and entertain the reader. This one includes asides like "Chopsticks 101, Bushido Code, Kenjutsu, Muromachi Clothes, etc.

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  1. This book is fantastic. It is an adventure from the first page! Moo-Cow and the crew visited Rhetoricles cave and found his Katana (Japanese sword). Then while Rhetoricle was telling the story behind the Katana, the whole gang got transported to Japan. Then Ramses got mistaken for a samurai and was asked to join a battle. Don't miss this adventure! Buy this book!!!!

  2. Thanks Athena, we're happy you enjoyed it so much! Also, of course thanks to Becky for the nice review :)