Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stuck in the Mud

Clarke, Jane. 2008. Stuck in the Mud. Illustrated by Garry Parsons. Walker Books.

Sometimes it's good to get a second, third, fourth, and fifth opinion. Especially if those opinions come from kids themselves. Stuck in the Mud is a book full of farm animals--hens and chicks, a sheep, a horse, a cat and dog, etc. One morning a hen gets in horrible fit when she discovers one of her chicks is missing. Where is her chick? If you guessed in the mud...you'd be right. Her little yellow chick is in the mud. But is he stuck in the mud? Read and see for yourself as these animals come together for a muddy, mucky mess.

I thought the story was okay. Nothing incredible. But not bad by any means. But when it was read aloud to a group of kids ranging from two to five--four kids total--they really responded to it! They thought it was great fun. The two-year-old, SugarCookie to be exact, loved the cockaloo (his word for chickens). And it held the attention--actually held the attention of the most disgruntled kid of the bunch. This is the one that says week after week--why do you bring books? (He thinks it's all about playing.) So this one comes to you kid-approved!

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  1. The kids in the storytime I read it to enjoyed it as well.