Monday, February 23, 2009

Baby Beatles Make Me Happy

Confession time...for the past week, I've been mesmerized by one CD in particular. The album has just ten songs, and runs about 49 minutes. What makes this one special? What makes this one unique?
The ten songs are Beatles songs as you might have guessed. They're all instrumental, true. They're music-box-esque. A sound when balanced with 'gentle' orchestration is more than downright pleasant. It's soothing in a way you're probably not expecting. I mean, if someone was trying to tell me that a CD of "music-box" anything would be the happiest music, the most soothing music, easy-on-the-nerves music, I'd be convinced they were lying. Convinced they were nuts. Yet here I am testifying that this CD is made of awesome. I don't know why. Maybe the CD has subliminal messages embedded in the songs that melt stress and bring about a feeling of inner peace and tranquility. All I know is that when I listen to it, I feel better. And it's a kind of better that doesn't bring an increase of calories. Sure I could resort to chocolate or cookies, but....this choice doesn't have consequences.

Here are the songs:

Here Comes the Sun
Let It Be
Long and Winding Road
All You Need Is Love
Strawberry Fields Forever
Hey Jude
I Want To Hold Your Hand
Yellow Submarine

Do I have a favorite? Yes! All of the songs mesmerize me, it's true. They flow into one another subtly and beautifully. But one song in particular makes me extra-happy: Yellow Submarine.

© Becky Laney of Young Readers

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