Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shake It Up, Baby!

Katz, Karen. 2009. Shake It Up, Baby! Simon & Schuster

Shake It Up, Baby is the book with a built-in-rattle. Something that makes me wonder, why didn't anyone think of it before? (Then again...a disclaimer...maybe it has been done. But if it has, I haven't seen it--or heard it!--but I'm perfectly willing to take back my statement if someone points me in direction of other built-in-rattles books.) In typical Karen Katz style, we've got a book about babies for babies. It's always fun to see this. In my humble opinion, the best subject for board books are babies. And we've got a reasonably diverse group of babies in the illustrations. These babies are on the move. Some are wiggling, jumping, twisting, turning, dancing, stomping, and clapping. These babies are excited. And who wouldn't be when the book itself provides a fun soundtrack!

Have you seen this one? What did you think? Do you have a little reader that loves it?

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