Friday, February 20, 2009

Snugglebug Friday: Three Reviews by Our-Most-Special-Guest

Sharkey, Niamh. I'm a Happy Hugglewug

While this is a board book, it seems to be geared to an age group older than 12 months. Snugglebug, who is now 12 months old, was not interested in the text or the pictures. Ladybug deduced the reason was too many words per page. Perhaps an older child would find the songs and rhymes of interest, but Snugglebug was closing the book two pages in.

Planet Earth: Baby Penguins
This book, too, was a little much for Snugglebug the first time it was read. The second time it was read, Ladybug reduced the amount of text for him to keep his interest. If your child is a penguin lover, then there is definitely not too much information. But for fish-loving Snugglebug, he prefers to keep the info on Penguins short and sweet. Ladybug loved the photographs. They really felt like you could reach out and cuddle the baby penguins.

Walker, Anna. 2009. Froggy Green. Kane/Miller.
Froggy Green is a fun book with fun color names. Snugglebug really enjoys this book and has chosen it during reading time several times. He has yet to be introduced to Rainbow Ice Cream and has yet to decide his favorite color, but he still enjoys the colorful pages and the fun color names. The text is simple enough to keep his attention and yet instructive enough to make Ladybug happy, too.

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