Saturday, June 28, 2008

How To Be A Baby by Me The Big Sister

Lloyd-Jones, Sally. 2007. How To Be A Baby by Me The Big Sister. Illustrated by Sue Heap.

I love this book. I L-O-V-E love this book. In case you hadn't noticed, it is narrated by the big sister. It is funny. It is down-to-earth. It is true. It just sparkles with charm. I loved every minute of it. Here is how it starts off,

"When you're a baby, you are in a crib and not in school. When you're a baby, you just wear your pajamas ALL THE TIME and not real clothes. Your mommy and daddy have to dress you, because you don't know how. (But I do.) When you're a baby, it's not good because you don't have any hair. (I have long hair like a princess.) When you're a baby, you don't read books. You eat them."

And that is just the beginning...

I love the text. I love the illustrations. I love the premise.


Take it from the narrator of this book, an all-knowing big sister: when you're a baby you don't read books. You eat them. You don't know how old you are, or even if you're a boy or a girl. And you have to keep a special plug in your mouth to stop your scream from coming out. But one day, you won't be little anymore, and then you'll be taller and smarter, and actually quite clever. Like the narrator. And you'll be able to share memories of what it was like when you were little with your incredible Big Sister.

About the Author

Sally Lloyd-Jones is the author of the recently published Handbag Friends (also illustrated by Sue Heap). She worked in children's publishing for several years, leaving in 2000 to write full-time. She lives in New York, New York.

Sue Heap is the illustrator of Handbag Friends (written by Sally Lloyd-Jones). She has illustrated several other picture books, and is the author-illustrator of Cowboy Baby, which won the Smarties Gold Award in the picture book category. She lives in England.

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  1. Hi Becky
    I came across your brilliant blog via a google alert thing and thought I'd stop by and say Hi.

    Also I wanted to thank you for your review and say how thrilled I am you appreciate the book.

    it's great to meet you! thank you for what you do