Monday, June 23, 2008

Baby! Baby!

Baby! Baby! by Vicky Ceelen is a wordless board book that is fun, fun, fun. Juxtaposing (fancy word for saying side by side) photographs of animals with photographs of babies, the concept (subtle or not so much) is showcasing how "alike" we can be if you choose to look at it like that. The photographs are well done and just a pleasure to look at. I'm not sure if the concept would be ever-obvious to babies and toddlers. But even if they don't "get it" get it, they should enjoy looking at the photographs in any case.

There seems to be some question, some doubt on my part. The copy I hold in my hands, a review copy, that appears complete with ISBN number does not have any text within the book itself. Yet the product description on the publishers' website says it pairs simple text with photographs. I'm at a loss really. This "wordless" picture book I've described may in fact have text or it may not. If you own this book, if you've read it and you'd like to answer this question...feel free to leave me a comment!


With these striking and adorable photographs, Vicky Ceelen cleverly captures the similiarities between human and animal babies. From a sleeping baby alongside a snoozing kitten to a teetering toddler and a wobbly duckling, Ceelen’s comparisons are striking. Bright photos paired with simple text make this board book perfect for human babies everywhere!

About the Author

Vicky Ceelen’s photography has appeared in many advertisements and been featured in magazines such as Elle and GQ. Her first book, Close Friends, is a bestseller in more than 20 countries. She resides in France.

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  1. Either they made a mistake in the description, or there's another edition. Mine has no words, either. It also doesn't have a picture of a duckling, which I'd like to have seen!