Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Duckling and the Swan

Ormerod, Jan. 2007. Ballet Sisters: The Duckling and the Swan.

I loved this book. It's an early reader that is just right for young readers. The first book in this series is "The Duckling and the Swan." It focuses on a pair of sisters--one older, Bonnie, one younger, Sylvie--who loves all things ballet. The book is broken into three chapters, or three adventures: "Ducky Dancer," "Braids," and "Miss Trish's Class." The book is delightful, charming, and just pure fun.
Ducky Dancer

Mom and Sylvie
get me from school.
"I am a swan," I say.
"And you are a duckling."
"I'm a ducky," Sylvie says.
At home, Sylvie
and I dress up.
Then we dance.
"I'm a princess," I say.
"You must bow to me."
"Okay," Sylvie says.
We dance into the garden.
"I'm a fairy queen," I say.
"And you are an elf."
Sylvie cries, "I dont want
to be an elf."
Mom sweeps Sylvie up
and carries her
from flower to flower.
"Sylvie is a buzzing bee,"
says Mom.
Then I am a swan again.
And Sylvie is a duckling.
She waddles.
She flaps her wings.
She takes a bow.
This one is a must if your little ones love dancing and playing make believe. It's just a real joy to read. The illustrations are perfect.

32 pages.

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