Sunday, October 21, 2007

LittleMiss Reviews Baa Baa Bedtime

The second book that LittleMiss reviewed was Baa Baa Bedtime. This book appealed to her very much because each page had fluffy, fleecy little sheep to touch and grab. In fact, she was so enthralled with each page that her mama had a hard time turning the pages! LittleMiss' mama loved the illustrations, they are warm and the pages almost seem to glow. LittleMiss' Daddy was quite excited to have new books to add to her bedtime reading ritual.

Here is my take on Baa Baa Bedtime. It is by Susan Curtis. (LittleMiss didn't make that clear in her review. But give her a break, she is only six months! She still has plenty of time to learn about authors and publishers.) It is illustrated by Janet Samuel. Like LittleMiss, I loved the pictures of this one. The wooly sheep are just too cute to miss. And the illustrations, while cartoon-like, are very vibrant and fun. It's just a very user-friendly little book. The text is a bedtime story obviously, but it also introduces the concept of subtraction and/or counting backwards. First there's five sheep, then four, then three, then two, etc. Until all five little sheep are tucked in for the night.

And look at what the publisher website provides!

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