Monday, October 1, 2007

Duck, Duck, Goose

Hill, Tad. 2007. Duck, Duck, Goose.

What happens when your best friend makes a new friend? What if that 'new' friend is super-annoying? What if that new friend doesn't know how to stop boasting? What if that new friend never stops talking at all? What is a poor goose to do? Find out in Duck, Duck, Goose. Duck and Goose have always been best friends. Always. They like to do everything together. But one day all that changes. Duck brings someone new to meet Goose, Thistle. Thistle is a bit of a braggart. She never knows when to stop. She's a bit on the bossy side too. Can Duck and Goose's friendship withhold the strain of Thistle's domineering presence? It is a cute book. I think it's a book that almost everyone can relate to. [I bet we've all encountered a Thistle somewhere--whether at school, in the neighborhood, or at the workplace.] And maybe just maybe it will show kids how to interact with each other in a better way. How to NOT be a Thistle. Is Thistle a hopeless case? I hope not. She just needs someone to tell her that she's not the center of the universe.

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  1. Very cute book. Thanks for the recommendation!