Sunday, October 28, 2007

Gift Idea #1 for 2007

Book Description
The ideal interactive gift for every child who likes dancing, theater, music, fairy tales, or make-believe.

Restage the romantic SLEEPING BEAUTY ballet — and invent your own creative embellishments — with the help of a charming miniature theater containing everything you need!

- A sturdy foldout theater
- Changeable scenery and backdrops
- A booklet that tells the full story and offers stage directions
- Nine twirling figures and a supporting cast
- An audio CD with selections from the musical score

About the Author
Jean Mahoney is the author of THE NUTCRACKER BALLET THEATRE and has written several books on interior design. She lives in Southampton, New York.

Viola Ann Seddon is the illustrator of THE NUTCRACKER BALLET THEATRE. She lives in London, where she works as an illustrator and dollmaker.

My thoughts: This interactive book is so great, so fun. It's a perfect gift for those able to appreciate it. My guess is that would probably not be anyone under seven or eight. (But you probably know your child best.) My age recommendation is based on the fact that the sets are made of paper (or cardboard) and it needs to be treated with care when using. That and the fact that you don't want the pieces strewn all over the place and lost. But that being said, this set is so cute, so sweet, so adorable. I think there are many adults out there who would love this as well.

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