Saturday, October 27, 2007

Big and Little

Big and Little by John Stadler is a picture book that has thoroughly charmed me this past week. It is about a mouse and an elephant. Hence the title big and little. You might think you know where this is going, but you may just be surprised. Ellie, the elephant, is going to climb a tall ladder and dive into a small glass of water. The mouse is the ringmaster of the show. Read along as this incredible act unfolds...

From John Stadler's website:

Prepare to be amazed and astounded by how BIG on suspense, such a little book can be! You will gasp! You will laugh! You will not believe your eyes!

Be the first in your neighborhood to see for yourself how the magic unfolds!
Hurry! Hurry! Read it today!

(No one will be admitted to or allowed to leave the book during the last six pages so as not to ruin the ending for others.)

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