Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Pennypacker, Sara. 2006. Clementine.

Clementine by Sara Pennypacker is a fun new chapter book perfect for young readers. (My guess second to fourth graders.) Our young heroine, Clementine is spunky and vibrant leaving a mark wherever she goes. Easily noticed by teachers and principals but not necessarily for the right reasons. But despite some behavior problems, Clementine remains a funny, lovable character.

When called to the principal’s office to explain how and why her friend’s hair got cut in the school bathroom, she answers:

“’I was helping’ . . . and then I told Principal Rice about how I’d helped her, too. ‘I answered the phone while you were gone. I ordered some new school pets, and I told the gym teacher we are never going to play dodgeball again, and I made two appointments for you. The phone kept going dead, so I guess it’s busted. But at least I helped you a little.’ That’s what I thought. There is a look they teach a person to make in principal school that is not very nice” (12-13).

The truth? Clementine always has good intentions, but sometimes her plans backfire or have unforseen-to-her consequences.

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