Saturday, October 6, 2007

I'd Really Like To Eat A Child

Donnio, Sylviane. 2007. I'd Really Like To Eat A Child. Illustrated by Dorothee de Monfreid.

Achilles is a moody yet charming baby crocodile who is tired of eating bananas for breakfast every day. His mama was always telling him how big and handsome he was. And noticing what beautiful teeth he had. So one day, he decides that he is READY to eat a child. No more of this banana nonsense for him.
But one morning, Achilles refused to eat. This worried Mama Crocodile.
"Don't you want a tasty banana for breakfast?" she asked.
"No thanks, Mom," Achilles answered. "Today I'd really like to ead a child."
"What an idea, my little Achilles!" his mother cried. "Well, children don't grow on banana trees, only bananas do, and that's what I have for breakfast!"
"I know, but I'd really like to eat a child!"
The accompanying picture of Achilles making a sulking pouty (disgruntled) face is priceless! (I love the artwork by the way). And I had no idea there was a way to draw crocodiles where they would look genuinely worried or concerned.

This new idea takes hold and holds fast. No matter what his parents say, Achilles is insistent that a human child is the only thing he'll eat. There's no bribing him to each chocolate cake or anything else...his parents are distraught. What will they do with their poor baby who won't eat anything?

The answer comes in a strange way. A girl. A child. On her own near the river. Who is more in danger? The child or the crocodile? Is Achilles as big and fierce as he thinks he is? Is he really ready to match wits with a child?

I'd Really Like to Eat A Child is a fun picture book. The illustrations and text are both fabulous.

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  1. Sounds VERY cute!!! I'll see if I can find a copy of this. I like the sound of it.

    Thanks for the review.