Wednesday, May 27, 2020

64. The Story of Alexander Hamilton

The Story of Alexander Hamilton. Christine Platt. Illustrated by Raquel Martin. 2020. Rockbridge Press. 66 pages. [Source: Review copy]

  First sentence: Alexander Hamilton was born on a small Caribbean island called Nevis. As a boy, he loved to read. He also liked to play tricks on people. Those who knew him couldn’t have imagined that the young troublemaker would one day grow up to be one of America’s Founding Fathers and help form the government. Surely Alexander never thought his face would one day be on a ten-dollar bill!

Premise/plot: The Story of Alexander Hamilton is a chapter book biography for young readers. What you see is what you get, a biography written in chapter book format geared towards an elementary audience. It is packed with details that are appropriate for the audience. While the biography would include other details if intended for an older audience, I think this is a good balance all things considered.

My thoughts: I definitely enjoyed this one! I don't think I had an idea of who Alexander Hamilton was when I was in elementary school. I don't think the peanut butter chewing GOT MILK commercial came out until I was in junior high. Then I became curious about Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. But I did enjoy biographies when I was young. And I looked for two things really PICTURES and BIG PRINT. It's hard to tell font size on an e-book, but I definitely think this one would have proved just right.

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