Friday, October 25, 2019

Time Dogs: Balto and the Race Against Time

Time Dogs: Balto and the Race Against Time. Helen Moss. Illustrated by Misa Saburi. 2019. 144 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: I was snoozing on the porch when it all started.

Premise/plot: Five dogs (Baxter, Trevor, Newton, Maia, and Twitch) find themselves traveling back in time when they enter a van that is really an invention—a time machine. This one offers several surprises: the senior dogs find themselves to be young puppies again; they find themselves in a once in a lifetime opportunity for adventure. They arrive in Alaska in 1925. An epidemic is in progress and a much needed serum needs to be transported cross country. Can these pups join a sled team and help save the day?!

My thoughts: If you suspend your disbelief, this one offers a fun escape. I may be an adult, but I appreciate time travel stories for all ages. I love the idea of hooking young readers on this sub genre early on! That being said, there isn’t quite enough development to entertain adults.

The dogs steal the show no doubt. There are humans but think of them more as being like the humans on Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. They have no control or say over what the dogs do. But they are not as helpless or hapless as the humans on Paw Patrol.

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