Thursday, October 10, 2019

Bear's Book

Bear's Book. Claire Freedman. 2019. 34 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: Once upon a time, there was a bear whose favorite thing to do was read. But Bear had a problem: he had read his book of stories so many times that it was falling to pieces...and one day a gust of wind blew all the pages away!

Premise/plot: After his favorite book is gone, Bear decides to write a new book. But writing does not come as naturally as reading!!! In fact, Bear finds himself stumped. But with more than a little help from his friends...he may just find inspiration and an opportunity to exercise his imagination.

My thoughts: At first I thought that Bear and I were peas in a pod. Then upon rereading I realized that Bear never broke down and cried over losing his favorite book. I would definitely have cried ugly tears. I would have found consolation somewhere—someway. But tears would have come first. Maybe Bear has been influenced by Pete the Cat. I love the character of Bear. I do. I think the book is super sweet. I love the themes of friendship and storytelling.

Illustrations: 5/5
Total: 10/10
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